Our Values

Devadmin Team Values

We define our values in order to build and make explicit the basis of our shared team culture. We intend these values to communicate expectations towards new and existing team members.


We are a team enthusiastic and interested in our work. We collaborate in an environment of trust and psychological safety.

  • Enthusiastic and interested in the project & team
    • Enthusiasm is contagious. When we feel someone’s not excited we should try to find why, and how to bring back their motivation.
  • Trust, psychological safety
    • Required to communicate ideas, discuss difficult decisions fully


We expect honesty and responsibility from all team members.

  • Do best work you are able to given the circumstances
  • Take responsibility for your decisions
    • Ensure proper consultation with affected team members
  • Be honest
    • As a distributed team our collaboration is based on trust.
    • Truthfully report the hours you worked
    • Own problems you created
  • Be helpful to team members
  • Participate fully in Teamwork
  • Make an effort to understand the business and make decisions which best support it
  • Always be Learning
    • Continuously improve your skills and your habits
    • Admit if you don’t know something and don’t be ashamed to ask for help
    • Be open to feedback, give feedback
  • Follow agreed processes
  • Take Initiative
    • Think widely
    • Suggest improvements to our systems & our work processes
  • Look at question from different angles.


We are a team of friends. We make best effort to positively (empathically) communicate with each other.

  • Seek to understand team member’s perspective
  • Ask and answer questions in a positive (empathic) way
  • Ensure everyone affected is aware of your decisions
  • Always let your team know upfront if you won’t be available on some days
  • Connect with team members at a personal level
    • Start meetings with check-in round
    • Try to help out with a colleague’s work if they’re having some difficulties in their private life
  • If you have an issue with someone’s action or work make effort to talk to them directly first
  • Follow ThoughtBot CodeReview recommendations